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Type Totem

Type Totem

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your light always filters just
enought into a space
a field 
the trees
over mountain tops + through 
the ripple of the creek
you return to yourself 
over +
over + 
over again with the love
and nurture we are all 
starving for so deeply deeply
we watch you love + grow + shine
for no one but yourself
for no purpose other than to 
bloom + die, to rise from 
the soil only to be trampled
to feel the sun rise again,
perfectly sharing you 
with the moon, you dance
to dance with you nature, 
is to be lead home
one step at a time, we sway
xo Lo

Wall hanging or altar with a message to the Universe written on my 1960's typewriter. Stoneware clay, hand formed and glazed with little shelves to hold a candle, incense, or a special something. 

These are very, very unique to themselves, I do not write down what comes through when I am typing, so each message and each wall altar is special. 

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