Dualitas {doo-al-i-tas} the holding of both/and within one. the permission to be. structured softness, with self, with the other + with the Universe.

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Explore your snapshot of the sky, give yourself permission to fully embody your true self.

Lauren has started to offer astrology readings to her community, near and far, we can meet in person for a walk, indoor session or hop on zoom or facetime. 

Lauren offers a 30 min Natal Chart reading, or you can email prior to have her look at something more specific if you'd like.

All readings are donation based after the reading has ended, this is in an effort to build experience and to make Astrology available to anyone who is looking to know more.

You can book your reading below! 

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GIVE BIG 2023✨

Give Big Gallatin Valley! Join us at Inner Alchemy with the Compassion Project, for hand building clay class to benefit all that the Compassion Project brings to our community!

Give Big with us!