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the home of Dualitas, by Lauren C. Woods


container for intention

container for intention

a collection of work intentionally crafted to invite you to sit, slow down... 


Explore your snapshot of the sky, give yourself permission to fully embody your true self.

Lauren has started to offer astrology readings to her community, near and far, we can meet in person for a walk, indoor session or hop on zoom or facetime. 

Lauren offers a 30 min Natal Chart reading, or you can email prior to have her look at something more specific if you'd like.

All readings are donation based after the reading has ended, this is in an effort to build experience and to make Astrology available to anyone who is looking to know more.

You can book your reading below! 

 Book Natal Chart Reading 

work with Lauren

Been seeking a peice for your home or table? I love taking custom orders!

Love astrology and want to get your friends or family into it?!? Lets plan an astrology reading party or date night!

Collect vintage or create hand made clothing?! I would absolutly love to play dress up + model for you!

let's do this!