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Sundae School with Genuine Ice Cream!

Sundae School with Genuine Ice Cream!

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February 29th + March 28th 

Join us at Genuine Ice Cream for a two part class series, Sundae School. On February 29th you will get to hand build your very own sundae bowl, boat, dish, or whatever your heart desires that will eventually hold an ice cream sundae!

Lauren will supply all the clay, tools, materials, stamps, and underglaze to paint and customize your sundae dish! Lauren will then take your work back to her studio, finish, glaze and fire in time for them to be ready for the second part of the class on March 28th. 

March 28th we will meet back at Genuine Ice Cream to learn the art of sundae building with the team at Genuine! Ice cream, toppings and sauces included.  

FIRST CLASS : Thursday 2/29 from 4-6pm 

SECOND CLASS : Thursday 3/28 from 4-6pm 

Both are located at Genuine Ice Cream, 605 West Peach Street, Bozeman Montana 


Ticket price includes both classes, and are non-refundable. 

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