Collection: Gemini Season Supply

Gemini Season is May 20th - June 21st, ending this season on the Solstice

Gemini is the Twins, here to heal the duality in each of us, uniquely our own. Known to be quick-witted,  playful, insightful, perspective-bringing, and enlightening. When in their shadow, Gemini can be aloof, obsessive, careless, tricky, or drunk on their own reality. 

Everybody has Gemini energy in their body, just like all of the energies of the zodiac, but it may or may not be a strong placement for you. I personally, have Gemini Rising, or as my Ascendant, same same. For me Gemini energy lifts me out of my heavy water energy, keeps me moving forward, and is like sunshine after a few days of rain, for my system. 

The magic of Gemini is the holding, the speaking to and of, the trust in the duality of life, and of being human. It shifts easily and when in flow, will craft a reality that is full of adventure, delight, play, information, and community. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini wants to take in all of the information around it, so that it may share with others.