sun in Scorpio | moon in Scorpio 

I jus don’t want to 

sometimes it’s jus too much 

sometimes I’m so irritated

sometimes I’m jus done with it 

sometimes I really want to fucking burn it all down

I jus don’t want to 

sometimes the pain of growth is too much to bare

sometimes I want to freeze, to fawn, to fight or to fly

sometimes I jus want to stay silent 

sometimes I can’t imagine why I even started to begin with

sometimes I think I’ll jus stay broken, small, quiet, and jus continue to sweep myself under the rug they walk all over 

sometimes I really do feel good 

I jus don’t want to 

but at the same time 

it’s all I want, to be 

with myself 

to know her so through and through 

that there is no space 

for the lack of 


there is jus us 


feeling what’s here +
not hiding from the lack 


xo Lo


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