showing up

  • 1.31.23

    by Lauren Woods 1.31.23
    sun in Aquarius | moon in Gemini    it’s okay dear one, it’s okay to sink  beneath your bed sheets  to let yourself  soften + slip  below the surfa...
  • 1. 3. 23

    by Lauren Woods 1. 3. 23
    sun in Capricorn | moon in Scorpio    in my own darkness  I am found    found to be grasping  at the light    found to be  at the rock bottom  of g...
  • 12.19.22

    by Lauren Woods 12.19.22
    Sun in Sagittarius | Moon in Scorpio    if we really do  create our own realities craft our own stories  cultivate our own language, to ourselves a...
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  • 12.12.22

    by Lauren Woods 12.12.22
    sun in Sagittarius | moon in Leo    there are things  we must learn to continue to pull the thread on  but there, are also things + snags  we shoul...
  • 11.28.22

    by Lauren Woods 11.28.22
    sun in Sagittarius | moon in Aquarius    floating around  some days I’m  jus connecting to what is    some days I’m  connecting to what  has been, ...
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  • 11.21.22

    by Lauren Woods 11.21.22
    sun in Scorpio | moon in Scorpio  I jus don’t want to  sometimes it’s jus too much  sometimes I’m so irritated sometimes I’m jus done with it  some...
  • 11.14.22

    by Lauren Woods 11.14.22
    Sun in Scorpio / Moon in Leo    I listen to  the table creak + snap  as I place my  weight  on it’s edges  and prepare to write to myself  again  +...