Thank you so much for stopping by + wanting to know more about me, my process & my work! 

So I’m jus gonna go ahead and start here, this will not be your typical artist bio, resume or statement simply because I am not that. I wrote this, mostly because I am not good at asking for help, especially when it is this close to my heart, but you won’t hear any third person her, jus me. 

I am from Waitsfield, Vermont. I went to Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, Vermont. I started throwing & working with clay when I was 15 and never looked back. After High School I was lucky enough to take some clay classes through Burlington City Arts, where I would later become a studio tech and fairly soon after that become an assistant teacher to the amazing team the provides classes to the greater Burlington community. I was there for 3 years before moving to Montana, where I quickly found + worked my way into The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture. I volunteered my heart out until they saw that it would be worth it to keep me around, prior to COVID I was teaching three sessions a year, two classes a week, 12 people per class...woof. Since Covid I have moved my studio out of our homey, cozy 1000 sq foot space, next door into a wild + wonderful 3200 sq foot studio, where I was also able to open Inner Alchemy, a shop to support myself and those around me. 

I have been running since I was a kid, but joined the track team in middle school and will be forever grateful for the peace, space + time running has given me and continues to give me today.

Nature is my favorite form of therapy, but after seeing an Astro-Psychologist for about a year, I realized what an exceptional energetic connection I feel to the words and knowledge contained inside Asrtology, and ultimately, within each of us. I truly believe the acceptance, understanding, connection to self and the true feeling of living authentically can be excavated through working with and aligning with the energy that surrounds us all. I have always felt a pull towards Astrology, got a funny zap every time I would check out zodiacs or read anything by Carl Sagan...but after working with my Astro-Psychologist I realized that it is more than a ping I was feeling, it’s a pull down a path I never thought possible...I have seriously studying Astrology for about two years now, to say my soul lights up with this topic is an understatement. I will continue to study, work with amazing mentors, and slowly start to integrate this work into my current work flow, so if you are ever curious about your stars, and wanna give a girl some practice, let’s chat! 

I have lived in Burlington, Vermont + Hull Bay, St.Thomas USVI + Boston, Massachusetts + Waitsfield, Vermont + now Bozeman, Montana. Each of these places has shown me what I need to see + feel, and have brought me closer to understanding what I want from this life. 

I did not go to art school. I do not have a degree claiming knowledge that I paid for. 
I did not grow up with money to spend on extracurricular activities or leaning, or for that matter even to afford specialty art supplies like clay and equipment. 

I did however grow up with a mother who thinks B I G and has a passion for chasing dreams down till they are achieved, and a father who actually, truly believes “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, so find your love” not that I don’t, but I like to eat my veggies first so that the good times feel extra special, but his enthusiasm always helped keep me floating. 

I did go to a high school that had an art department that was 4 floors and offered everything under the sun, including ceramics class, which is where I lived my junior + senior years of high school when I wasn’t running track. 

I did have all the love and support from my parents, my friends and the community around me. 

I did have access to renting a private space after high school, up until I moved to Burlington, Vermont and found Burlington City Arts, where I learned, rented, monitored and eventually moved into an assistant teaching position. I learned so much through BCA I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that came my way through that organization. 

I then had the opportunity to move across the country to join, my then boyfriend, in Bozeman, Montana and begin a journey that has found me with my own studio, a shop space that lets me support myself and those sharing my studio with me, and sharing our craft with the Montana clay community. 

I love clay.

I love what I get to do daily. I love waking up + creating a life I look forward to living. I deeply appreciate the freedom associated with being an entrepreneur, as well as deeply value the lessons, self awareness, and general self dependency that comes along with that responsibility. 

I also very much appreciate you taking the time to want to learn a new skill, try something out, or expand on current skills, thank you. Please do not be shy to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or with anyyyyything clay related, I love seeing other people’s work! 


thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little better, I hope we can meet soon! 

so much love,