Winter Solstice + Cap Season

Winter Solstice + Cap Season

 Winter Solstice 12.21.23

the victory of light over darkness. waking of the Sun god from its slumber. the birthday of the unconquered Sun. We welcome, in the Northern Hemisphere, the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. 

known to be celebrated all across the world, both the Winter and Summer Solstice hold space for magic, for ritual and for connection. To let the darkness creep in, to reflect on our own personal darkness, so that we may hold it and carry it into the light of day once the Sun has joined us. 

in ancient Persia, the Winter Solstice celebration is known as Yalda, and it is the celebration of victory of light over darkness, they believe it to be the birthday of the Sun king Mirtha, a diety of theirs. 

the ancient Roman Empire would celebrate 3-7 days around the Solstice, a week known as Saturnalia, with the Solstice ending the celebrations with a huge day of feasting, the "die natalis invicti Solis" or the birthday of the unconquered Sun. 

the Hopi Indians of the Southwest celebrate Soyal, through purification ritual, dance, gift giving and crafting of Prayer sticks to help welcome the Kachinas, the protective spirits of the Mountains that help call the Sun back from its winter slumber. 

there are so many more, each land having its traditions, celebrations and rituals all around the awakening and enlivening power of the Sun, the energy it brings and the light it shares. I also love, from and Astrological view, the Solstice also generally marks the change from Sagittarius Season into Capricorn Season,  shifting from the malleable flame of knowledge gained through expansion and exploration, to the grounded, calm, mastery seas of the Sea Goat, Capricorn. From here we manifest, we master, we continue to light our own path, our own way forward. 

"this constellation, as the symbol of inertia and death, is also the symbol of awakening life, and prepares the soul for the more perfect expression of its powers in its forthcoming upward journey...this is truly the promise of a new day, and higher state of existence. " The Light of Egypt, 1903 

if there was a more beautiful way to describe the energy of Capricorn, I am not sure what it might be...and is even more fitting for the Winter Solstice and first day of Cap season! Divine timing let me tell you...

we begin this Capricorn Season with the Sun conjunct (right next to) Mercury Retrograde, which will give us a lovely little Sun-Mercury Cazimi for the Friday before Christmas. 

let your authentic and empathetic heart speak to and connect with your inner child, your shadow and all that is in-between. Cazimi is one of my favorite astrology terms, and comes from the Arabic work kaṣmīmī and translates to "in the heart of" which to me is just so beautiful.  It also gives the nourishment, support and love to the Self that is exploring its internal landscape, as above so below. 

"I read in one text that the symbol of the Sun with the dot in the circle's center symbolizes the divine spark within each of us." Andrea Richards, The Library of Esoterica 

the Sun is also trine (easeful aspect) to the Moon in Aries, and Jupiter in Taurus, giving us a little fire to burn away unnecessary emotional baggage or anything in our systems that is not ours to carry. Jupiter is there to ground, support, and to help tend to the heart matters that will arise. 

the Moon in Aries is also conjunct the North Node and Chiron both in Aries. Keep cool, things may rise up very quickly in the moment, and you might not handle it well, so just be as graceful with yourself and others are we move through the weekend. The Moon is making its way towards Cancer, where it will meet the Sun in opposition for the Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th. 

we also have the Sun square (frictional aspect) to Neptune in Pisces, there may also be some foggy, illusion filled dreams or encounters that might throw you off a bit...Mercury Rx is not helping this situation, try to just breath and feel what is the next right step, move or need.  Trust yourself and how you feel, this is the magic that is Pisces energy, let it flow and trust that it will let you arrive just where you need to be. 

"the sea goat is both of the Earth and water, giving its traits that, on one hand, ground it, while the others set it free. Capricorns possess discipline and maturity while also being ambitious and spontaneous." Ross Bruggink, 2014 

Welcome to Capricorn Season. Welcome to the Winter Solstice. Make space for your energy to flow with the Solstice, let it rise or fall, be loud or low, come in waves or rain or a stream. Just be. With yourself, with the Universe, with the change that the Solstice brings, both dark and light. Feel the seasons of your life, the seasons of your self, and the seasons of nature. 

Today is a great day for some reflection, with the Sun conjunct Mercury Rx it is a good time to communicate to yourself, internally, what it is you are looking to cultivate for the upcoming season. This can be through journaling, writing some poetry, painting your internal landscape externally, brining yourself forward through ritual, dance or song. 

Creating light in the darkness of the Solstice is a beautiful way to connect with the Universe and support its transition. Lighting candles, start a fire, lighting your Christmas tree, are all ways to connect with the light that we can co-create with nature. 

Cook a heart warming meal, maybe even enough to share with a neighbor or loved one. Feeling the warmth of the food and the heart as it is consumed. 

See the light within your self, let your soul shine on your path forward, even if its just one step. You contain the brightest light of all, let it be shared so that it may expand others into their own. 

Full Moon in Cancer is on December 26th, stay tuned for some more on that later...thanks for being here, 

much love,






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