Virgo Full Moon 2.24.24

Virgo Full Moon 2.24.24

Virgo Full Moon 2.24.24

“ what is in the way, is the way” 

I think this Virgo full moon is here to help us do some emotional weeding and tending. To usher in a new wave of self care that supports your soul, not just your skin care routine. 

Inviting you to sort through the recipe cards or your internal landscape, discerning what needs to be rewritten and what can stay, tattered and used just as it is. 

THIS is the true magic of Virgo. The Earth Goddess, the Virgin, the Wheat Bearer, the Provider and Mother to the Earth, Virgo carries a spiritual weight that most cannot. 

When in the Moon sign, Virgo energy can build a castle around your sensitivities and soul downloads, so much so that it will start to block the Sun from shining in and illuminating your innate gifts. Don't let the worry, distrust, skepticism, or lack of knowing keep you from your Self, and your gifts Virgo, the Earth needs you. You need you. 

Learning to build boundaries, not boarder walls is a true gift to any Virgo energy. 

The balance, and a path to harmony for Virgo, is through the freedom, flow and acceptance found through the lens of Pisces. 

Pisces gift is the freedom of acceptance; Of others, of themselves, and of the World at large. While the shadow of Pisces is escapism,  being overly nostalgic, moody, and not willing to face or come to terms with reality, it is also highly optimistic, compassionate, adaptable and creative. Perfect counter balance to the Virgo's desire for perfection, tidiness, order, organization, and a plan in place. 

Pisces likes to move with whats presenting in the moment, it's not worried about the future or ruminating over the past. It just is. This can be a soothing balm to the Virgo nervous system if allowed in. 

This Virgo Full Moon is pretty special, it is the last Full Moon of the astrological year, which begins 3/20, and also has some fun placements supporting and dancing along. I also love that the last Full Moon of the year is generally in Virgo, the polarity to Pisces, which is both the end and the beginning. 

We have Mercury (planet of mentality, communication, thinking patterns, adaptability and reasoning) in Pisces, holding hands with the Sun in Pisces. This is interesting to me because Mercury Rules Virgo, so we have another layer of the Pisces/Virgo energy layered in. 

This dance is a threesome though, with Saturn in Pisces just a few steps ahead, but still conjunct (right next to) the Sun in Pisces. Saturn rules Capricorn, which currently has no placements within it after a long stretch with Pluto, and having Mars and Venus head into Aquarius recently. 

To me, Saturn in Pisces adds a nice support to this Full Moon. It's like that really sweet uncle you had as a kid, who maybe taught you something in a really kind and supportive way, but with really clear and direct instructions, structured softness. 

I feel the same way with the Full Moon, she's sitting alone in Virgo, but trine (harmonious and supportive aspect) to Jupiter in Taurus, which is the epitome of pure, authentic joy and abundance in the most pure, natural and grounded way, true luck one could say. 

I was saying earlier, folks with an Earth Moon placement tend to be very sturdy, resilient, grounded and attuned to the energies and needs of the Earth. They also tend to make life much harder than it needs to be for themselves...oh hiiiiiiii, its meeee!! Speaking from experience over here with my Natal Virgo Moon and South Node placements. 

We also have Mars and Venus conjunct (right next to each other) joining the Aquarius party, and both loosely conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, a tight conjunction is 0-5 degrees, and loose conjunction is 5-10 degrees of separation between planetary placements. 

This little Aquarius stellium (grouping of three or more placements in one energy) is square (less harmonious aspect) to Jupiter in Taurus. Which to me is inviting in our truest, most authentic desires and bodily needs to the forefront of our psyche to be transformed and guided back to the most fulfilling and supportive to your soul energy that lives in your system, you were born with it, time to claim it baby! 

To me, the invitation this Full Moon is to stay open to life, but only once you have resourced and supported your self through your personal needs, rituals, tools and energetics. The freedom that Pisces offers is only available through trust. The support that Virgo offers is only available through self respect and care. 

Trust in your intuition and its guidance.

Trust in your Self and what your body knows to be true. 

Trust in the unknown and the alchemical gold it contains when set free. 

Trust in your abilities and and the gifts the Universe has entrusted within you. 

To trust in the magic that the Earth contains, and to see that magic reflected within yourself, that is the gift of the space between Pisces and Virgo. 

Trust in what is. 

Planning for what is to come. 

Relax into the now. 

so much love, Lo

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