the waves within

the waves within

Cancer New Moon | Friday July 5th

When I objectively, logically look at this New Moon in Cancer, I see our halfway point. I see the Sun and Moon in Cancer square to (inviting change) the Nodes which are in the Aries/Libra axis currently, inviting intention towards a goal or life dream that you have let slip. Or a change towards a more authentic relationship with self, with others, and the world.

Cancer energy is creative, protective, flowing, rising and falling, full and deep, playful and has intuition as a backbone, creating a life lived from the inside out. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, adding a layer of potency, and ease, to this New Moon who is in its domicile of Cancer.

Intuition comes from being in touch with your feelings and emotions, and how they show up and how you let them move through you. When we shove away, push down, or keep our emotions bottled up, unprocessed, or we try to intellectualize our emotions we are wading into shadow territory. A shadow part is created when we are unwilling to accept, love or work with a part of ourselves. This shadow can grow along with us as we age and continue to hide from, avoid, or even criticize this part of ourselves that we are not willing to accept.

Cancer knows the worth in allowing whatever is present to rise. It knows the value and gold that is to be mined from allowing yourself space to feel your emotions fully, to feel both ways about something, or to let yourself be consumed by a feeling. Cancer is the ocean. It holds so much life, but can also take it all away in a storm surge or in the waves that crash day in and day out. It can be calm, it can be a storm, but you dont see the ocean judging itself for the changes it rolls through daily, even hourly. This is the beauty, and detriment, to a water sign placement in general, if you cant learn to ride the waves you may just drown…

I know personally, I did not allow this process to happen out of fear of it never ending…I vividly remember telling my therapist that I was just so terrified I would never pull myself out of the deep depths of my personal puddle. But in reality I didn’t have the tools to do so, I didn’t have the intuition to trust and I wasn’t able to even fully see myself because I was so clouded by the effort it was taking to suppress, conceal, hide from, avoid and disassociate from my own fear, pain and abandonment.

But this New Moon has a softer touch, which is good since the last Capricorn Full Moon recently was more of an awakening, now that we are awake what do we need to feel?

The second Capricorn Full Moon this season comes on the last day of Cancer Season and feels like the culmination of what we have been working on these few weeks in-between the full moons. This Full Moon will be on July 21st and will be a reckoning point for something you began back in January, and you may have touched on it again with the first Cap Full Moon earlier. But back to now…

I see Saturn retrograde in Pisces, supporting this New Moon in a trine or supportive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Venus. When in Pisces it has a soft and etheric touch, still in control and with a structured plan in hand, but it uses and trusts in intuition just as much as logic when in Pisces. Something that Cancer energy values over anything else is intuition. With it touching Venus, who is in conjunction (near) the Sun and New Moon, Saturn Rx in Pisces is like crawling under your weighted blanket for some deep breathing after a trying day out in the world.

I see Mercury strolling through the Leo doorway, at 5 degrees, this means it is opposite Pluto Rx in Aquarius, giving us the opportunity to transform and alchemize our relationship to leadership, speaking your truth, taking pride in your work and how you speak with partners when in relationship. This aspect is here to help us take authentic pride in who we are and what we offer to the tribe, and to be able to transform that ability into something that is supportive of the whole, the community, the Earth.

I see Neptune, having gone retrograde on the 2nd, in trine aspect (easeful and harmonious) to Venus in Cancer as well as Mercury in Leo. This trine to Venus will help release any illusions we have created around relationships, how we receive and perceive love, and what unconditional love means to us, and how we would like to change these illusions.

Neptunes trine to Mercury in Leo lifts the veil on where you hide, or fawn, or shy away from expressing your Self and your truth with others and to the world at large. Neptune is the great dissolver, melting delusions and creating boundaries. Neptune is also the planet of collective consciousness, idealism, empathy, and it seeks to uncover Universal truths.

When Retrograde in Pisces it is opening us up to the power of Self energy, to the mystical etheric range of energy and it is trying to reconnect us to the collective.

I see Chiron in Aries square to Venus in Cancer, which to me feels like an opportunity to cut through our own bullshit. Put your cards on the table with yourself. To fully see yourself and your blind spots, where you have healed and where you need your own medicine, and how to do this with a kind heart, compassionate soul and soft tone, getting to the heart of something directly.

Chiron could only heal others once he had fully healed himself, for himself. You know what you need, but you have to queit the outside enough to listen inside. Another Cancer value.

I can see all of this when looking at the chart for this New Moon. But what I feel is a deeper layer running below the surface, changing the vibration above.

“Each woman has potential access to Rio Abajo Rio, this river beneath the river. She arrives there through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, prayer making, singing, drumming, active imagination, or any activity which requires an intense altered consciousness. A woman arrives in this world-between-worlds through yearning and by seeking something she can see just out of the corner of her eye. She arrives there by deeply creative acts, through intentional solitude, and by practice of any of the arts.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With Wolves

This is the power and vibration of this New Moon if you ask me. It feels like we have access to this Rio Abajo Rio, the current inside that drive us towards finding ourselves, our path, our passion, our creation in this life. This Cancer New Moon is asking you to connect. It is asking you to trust, listen to and follow your intuition.

We are halfway through the year. Do you want to keep moving, speaking, creating, and being in the ways you are currently?

Or do you need to shift? What can be transformed to be more of what you need and less of what you think?

How can you feel more, and think less? No more intellectualizing your emotions.

What is it you need to do or try or create or release or burn or craft or embody to meet yourself in your emotions?

How can you hold yourself in a more compassionate light so that you can be present with whatever is rising up in your system?

Intuition helps, it creates self trust.

I also, as a water Sun, think that the natural world is the most healing and supportive energy you can work with. I am currently reading Rewire by Nicole Vignola, or if you follow her nicoleneuroscience online, and she is amazing. I mean truly. Something she brings up over and over again in the book, is that we as humans are so bad at being quiet with ourselves, we reach for our phones as a distraction instead of sitting with whatever is presenting within our bodies and minds.

This Cancer New Moon is asking you to be with yourself, to observe your thoughts and see who is running the show internally.

Water signs go to the river, creek, ocean, waterfall, reservoir, or maybe even your own bath tub and just be with yourself. See what comes up and let it be and trust is will subside when you have fully given it space.

Earth signs can head to the forrest, a favorite field of flowers, the mountains, the hills, the river banks of mud, or the trails that lead you out of service. Don’t try to control what you are thinking, just let your mind wander and see where it leads you, then drop into your body.

Air signs should ride their bike down the biggest hill in town (with a helmet please) or climb a mountain just to feel the breeze, let your thoughts float in and out and around like clouds, not attaching to anything in particular, then check in with your body and where it is at.

Fire signs should be soaking up the sun baby! Safely, but it is peak of summer and while the Sun is actually the furthest from the Earth currently, it is still the height of summer for the Northern Hemisphere, so make hay while the sun shines!

Hold your self to a new standard. Set a new intention. Gain insight on your inner landscape. learn to ride your own waves. Swim in your own sea.

“we create our reality, but we do not control it” - unknown energy master

Happy New Moon honey’s, much love


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