Sagittarius New Moon 12.12.23

Sagittarius New Moon 12.12.23

This week we dance with lots of close knit and far flung energies. The New Moon in Sagittarius ushers us into a space of deep personal connection to self, and to personal abundance, but it also asks us to seek out the most authentic energy that belongs at home in your system and within your true capacity. 

Neither Sagittarius, nor Jupiter (its ruler) want to be weighed down by the self avoidance (I just love that the word 'dance' is the majority of the word) that is found when you soak up everyone else's 'should's, have to's, perceptions, realities, or judgements' and replace them as your own. 

Feel your self in your body. Feel what is yours to work with, your personal energy will never trigger you, make you feel shame, hold you back or leave you feeling unsupported. Clear, clear, clear! Hold what is yours. 

The energy that is meant for you might feel more like a subtle charge in your system that lets you flow with what is. It might feel like those first few minutes in the bath when you feel your whole body connect and release. Create space in your field for your desires, your dreams, your wants and needs and let the Universe provide you with the guidance needed. 

The other day I was in a mini dark night of the soul around my path, what I am meant to do with this one wild and wonderful know, the super easy things to think, feel and process around, haha.

 As my ADHD took hold of the situation, I remembered a tool in my tool kit : ask the Universe and trust. Now, maybe you're like, Lauren, DUH! You should always trust the Universe, it's THE UNIVERSE. 

But, say I was a more skeptical, less trusting, moving into a more confident relationship with the unknown kinda place and wasn't super sure how to just we baby step. We ask small asks, see what happens and roll with those dice. 

Okay so I was struggling with this like minor detail of my life purpose, and have been in a space of trying to simplify this year, that was my word : simplify. So I was laying in bed, letting my thoughts race from one spot to another, only making it much harder to discern THE thought I was supposed to catch and run with. My body said, just ask. 

So I asked. I grounded into my body, released some fears and doubts that came up. Grounded, refreshed my grounding even, haha, and kept connecting with myself. Breathing into my body. Feeling my parts and letting them speak all of their thoughts and feels. Brought down some cosmic energy for support, and then just asked for my Guides to show me where I am not leaping, trusting and taking aligned action towards whatever it is...and I kid you not, as I am finally falling asleep, letting my brain relax and feel supported, I had a voice inside say "you just gotta write more and share, let it be read." 

okay. So no like, plan, or anything else ?!?! 

hahaha okay, okay. That is all I asked for, I get it, but like, I am trying so hard I thought I might just get a lil somethin' extra from you Universe...but thats just the thing, She gives what you need, not what you want. 

She gives you the tools to use, the space to create and the magic to see yourself clearly. You are the plan. 

You BEING you in your business, in your life, in your relationships, in your family, chosen or not. Your being, is the answer. At least for me, from where I sit, this is what I truly desire. To show up in the world authentically to myself, and to let that be the connection point for me and the Universe. To let her support me. To dance with her grace. To feel her co-creating with me all around and in all the ways. To be grateful for what is within, not what is without. 

This Sagittarius New Moon is here to share with us that the gifts, the nectar, the blood pumping YES, is found within.  You know the answer, you just need to clear out what is not yours to carry, to make space for yourself, your authentic energy. 

With the Sun in Sagittarius Trine to the North Node and Chiron in Aries, there is a sense of gently initiating something that brings you closer to your desire or dream or purpose, but again taking the time to get clear with what is yours in your system. 

No more shoulding on yourself! 

Let the Aries energies of the NN and Chiron help you to control burn outside energies that have seeped into your psyche, this will also be delightfully helpful when Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. This Mercury Rx is looking for you to massage and pour over the patterns and resistance you have in any area around communication of your deepest passions, or desires for exploration, far travel, a spiritual practice or higher education and how you afford those things in your life. With Mercury in Capricorn going Retrograde in the 9th House that Sagittarius rules, theres just a lot of Sag energy here folks! But with a sense of grounding coming in from Capricorn and Taurus. 

To add to it we have Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius,  in Taurus in the first house of Self, supporting all of these movements. 

Mars in Sagittarius, conjunct (holding hands with) the Sun on this New Moon with help to clear the clutter, burn through the extra weight you have been carrying around and ignite your arrow towards your authentic energy. Mars is passionate, driven and aggressive, but not in the way we normally perceive it, in the way that lets your personal power come from inside versus being fueled by the external. Mars is clear and moves quick. Let it help you burn up the shoulds. Let it clear space for your own personal desire. 

There is a slight kink in the hose with this New Moon though, and one to watch for if you are in the flow of dreaming and scheming...the Sun will be square to Neptune in Pisces...a square aspect is never perceived as easy, more of the grow through what you go through kinda vibes with this one. Watch for any shiny carrots or illusions along the path to connecting with your authenticity. 

Ground into your body. Breathe. Let your voice rise to the surface. 

BUT since we are vibing with Sagittarius and Jupiter currently, lets try something playful on for size, for just a second with me, try to consider... maybe pretend (until we can trust) that juuuuuust maybe, that thing that is coming into your orbit that is easy for you is MEANT FOR YOU. 

I dont mean all of it, like if its easy for you to always throw a great holiday party I dont think you should quit your day job and start a party planning biz, I am just saying that maybe there is something in there that you can titrate into that lets you see the real fruit in that easeful situation. Like maybe you help a few others with their parties, only to realize that underneath it all you just like to feed people good food and making them feel included, and this leads you to try working at a soup kitchen for the homeless and you find your heart overflowing with energy and it just fills you up...kinda make sense? The thing that is meant for you here is the creating and giving, so I would be asking my Guides what is meant for me within the realm of creating and being of service? 

See what drifts in, or pops up, or brings you into flow. 

More to marinate on, but is this thing easy because you have done it before, maybe is a past life, maybe an ancestor just shared it with you. Or maybe it is something you have never considered as part of your purpose BECAUSE it comes so naturally to you. 

It is who you BE. Versus who you think you should be. Again, let yourself marinate in the divine world of personal possibility, power,  prowess, and practice and see who shows up from inside. See what voice has something to share or say. 

This part of yourself is r e a l. 

This part of yourself is yours to claim. 

This part of you is seeking the expanded capacity you will need to hold your own desires. 

This part of yourself is THE THING you have been seeking. 

Pretty sure I just wrote this to myself...but if you got here too, then sweet, I hope you can take what resonates and leave the rest for your Guides to decipher. 

much love,


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