Pisces New Moon 3.10.24

Pisces New Moon 3.10.24


Well...okay, March, thank you for the quick (not at all quick) rinse, wash, repeat that you have put my system through since beginning...oofda, anyone else? SHIT HAS BEEN REAL. And not in the fun, cute, growing-through-what-I'm-going-through kinda real, it's been like oh you think you have these tools...? IMMA TEST YOU AND SEE IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE THEM HONEY kinda way...

So, I mean, I know there are plenty of other people feeling this, and mostly my Mutable (flexible) signs, those being : Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are being tested. If you have Aries/Libra, Aquarius/Leo in your chart you are also in our boat, but maybe feeling more resistance than the redirection that the Mutable Signs are getting...sucks to suck hahaha JK but like try to be a little more adaptable, flexible and mutable and see what happens honey...

This Pisces New Moon has a few moving parts, and one of the biggest parts of this New Moon being that is it the last one of this Astrological year, it is also the last time all of the planets will be direct before we head into the Equinox, Aries Season and Eclipse Season. NBD. 

Another key to this New Moon is that the Sun and Moon are in a nice little sandwich between Saturn (mastery, time, boundaries, skill, money) in Pisces and Neptune (dreams, evolution, the collective,  idealism) in Pisces. 

Which to me is inviting us all to get really serious about a dream for the future, a plan forward or a new way of living that will fully support your system in the future and let you actually LIVE and DREAM life of your own creation. 

We had the Full Moon in Virgo on 2/24, setting the stage for us to clear anything out of our psychic and physical closet, to replenish with sources that actually support us in our own personal needs, not what we have been lead to believe is "self care". We have the opportunity to take that clarity and conviction into this new beginning to help set the tone of how we want to move forward. 

Pisces is know for its mystical, poetic and artistic soul, leading from a place of Collective trust and intuition the Pisces energy is the golden thread connecting all of the parts, all of the stories, all of the knowledge, all of the systems and spirits. 

In modern Astrology Pisces is ruled by Neptune, with its dreamy idealism. But for us old souls (Pisces joke) Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the joy, luck and abundance bringer of the Cosmos! I think both make sense, both are fitting for the optimism and healing that Pisces energy can facilitate. 

With Neptune conjunct (right next to, amplifying) the Moon, and with Saturn conjunct the Sun, we have a Pisces Stellium (three or more placements in the same energy) for the history books. 

I am honestly pretty happy that just prior to this New Moon, we will have Mercury slip into Aries. It will be at zero degrees, bringing the most clarifying energy of Aries through our communication, mindfulness, mentality, thinking patterns, adaptability, reasoning, rationality, and curiosity which Mercury rules all of. 

It will be joining the North Node (soul purpose in this lifetime) and Chiron (wounding and healing) both in Aries, which to me only further speaks to and invites us to heal our selves so that we can wholeheartedly embody our Soul's purpose, plan, path, place, calling or however you feel that in your bones. It is asking you to be clear, bold and direct, just like Aries. 

Clarify with yourself. Co-create with yourself. Dance with yourself. Dream with yourself. 

We will have Pluto moving through Aquarius for the next twenty years, but it has just made to one degree of Aquarius as of this New Moon, and with Mars (passion, aggression, drive, power) and Venus (appreciation of love and beauty) moving through Aquarius as well. I am very hopeful for the progression of Venus into Pisces on March 31st, Venus loves to be in Pisces (exalted) and I think it will lift some collective weight and shift a few perspectives, after having a nice stay in Aquarius, the Humanitarian. 

For any one with an Aquarius or Leo placement,  you are or will be in a Pluto transit over the next 20 years. This is a beautiful invitation to make that change you have been stewing over. To create that thing that you just cannot stop thinking about. To let yourself burn away the societal weight that you have been carrying for far too long. To step out of the shadow that your family has cast on you or your calling. 

Transformation. Birth - death - rebirth. Remember, there is no good or bad in Astrology, just what we have to learn and transform. 

This Pisces New Moon is also the last New Moon before Eclipse Season, so your last chance to set manifestation intentions before the Eclipses begin. 

Eclipses are meant to bring you closer to your Life purpose, or your Soul's calling, however that lands for you. They are a time when the Universe is co-creating with your energy and purpose in this lifetime to give you the clarifying information and experiences that will show you the way. 

So we want to move through them with an open mind and heart, letting them reveal to us what is underneath, what is meant for you will never miss you. This is the vibration of the Universe looking to align you with your unique energetic signature. 

This is why most Astrologers, energy healers, and cosmically attuned humans generally say it is best to avoid trying to manifest during Eclipse Seasons, which last 30-31 days each, and are always within 6 months of each other. This year they begin on March 24th with a penumbral lunar eclipse, followed by the April 8th total solar eclipse. This means that the second season will begin around October and go into November...fun times! 

This upcoming Eclipse Season will be one for history, with the USA having its own show and path of totality for the April 8th total Solar Eclipse, which most of the US will be able to view. Add an election year for the USA, time to buckle up folks, March - April and October - November will be a shift that a lot of us have been waiting for, and even more of us have been resisting...so expect people to react and act differently than before, give space to new actions being taken and new rituals becoming embodied. 

Overall, its time to actually do the damn thang! Even if it is one baby step towards that thing, just do it now. You are so deeply supported by the entire Collective, by Saturn, by Neptune, and by the Sun itself, the largest star in our system. So go forth! Even if it isn't clear, even if no one believes in you but YOU, even if you think you "need" something or someone or some class or certification. 

MOVE CLOSER TO YOURSELF, the Earth needs your magic, not what society has told you it needs. 

If you can feel it, you can heal it. So let it in. Feel the feels. 

Let things flow. 

"we create our reality, but we do not control it"                                                             (prolly said by a Pisces)heard in class from Pilar Lesko

love you,


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