New Moon in Gemini 6.6.24

New Moon in Gemini 6.6.24

When I think of Gemini, I feel playful. I feel curious. I feel a gentle buzzing in my body, one that is tied to a buzzing deep within the Cosmos itself.

This makes sense, at least to me, since I have read in many texts that Gemini is represented by the Twins, and that one of those twins lives on Earth and one within the Stars. They use this buzzing connection between themselves to relay information back and forth, like a lightning rod, electric energy bridges the gap from what is below to what is above.

I have also learned through my studies, that although they may be twins, these two could not be much more different. In how they think, how they feel, how they process, how they share information and how the engage with life. This is the paradox that any Gemini placement has the invitation to open. To heal the duality within yourself so that you may fully engage with life.

I know, from personal experience (I have Gemini Rising) that this dualistic energy can trigger others, can mirror back to others and can bring things up in others that they do not allow themselves to be. Folks that may be caught in black and white thinking, folks that may have a set self concept or world view, or those who choose to be right…Gemini is easily changable, malliable and enjoyd new information.

Gemini can also be flakey, flighty, too loose, a chameleon, or even a people pleaser when acting from their shadow aspects, but the intent is to meet others where they may be, not to lead someone on or create a false narrative around who they are.

Gemini is actually most fully standing in its power when it is able to choose and prioritize from its many varied passions and interests, and distill that down into knowledge and experience that it can then share with its community.

It is when they try to do it all, learn it all, be nice to everyone, make everyone feel comfortable, be interested in all the things, read all of the books, and explore all of the facets of life all at once…this would be hard for anyone, but for some reason Gemini thinks it is possible when it is engaging life from the shadow aspects of Gemini energy.

Every energy has a shadow, or a side of it that is uncared for and suppressed. I have a Pisces Sun, the shadow of Pisces is escapism through sex, drinking, drugs, shopping or just straight up avoidance, victimizing your life, taking away your own power, and creating a narrative that you are not in control…I am speaking from experience, as I am still transforming my relationship to all of these things as I pull them out from under my psyche.

Back to Gemini, this New Moon dances with the Sun - Venus Cazimi that began on Tuesday afternoon, with the Sun and Venus hugging at 16 degrees of Gemini. Now to me, this is JUICY. This is true kindness. This is authentic, real love. Gemini has the power to see a perspective, and if it doesn’t fit their current reality or they are needing to be open and curious, they can spin the diamond that is their mind into a new perspective with new information available. This is alchemy. This is Mercurial Magic.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, said to be the messenger from the Gods, so we can see where the story of the twins plays into this energy through Mercury, and vice versa. They are both working to translate and transcend the information from the Universe into something digestible for the Earth.

This Gemini New Moon, with Venus in Cazimi, we also want to think back to the last time that Venus was in this position, not in Gemini, but in her early stages of transition from morning star to evening star, or vice versa, but always around the Solstices. This is a cycle that Venus goes through each year, creating a cycle of patterns we can begin to track and follow.

But more specifically what was coming up in life around August 13th of 2023?

I know for me personally, it was a lot. I had just lost my father on July 30th, I was planning a drive from Montana to Vermont and back. I was trying to keep my shop open, and income incoming. I was also in a huge transition, just like Venus, and today I can see the parallel. I am in a new phase of transition, a deeper layer of understanding and shedding. The skinless grape.

With this New Moon in Gemini we also have Mercury joining the Gemini party on June 4th, placing it in its Domicile (ruling sign) and aiding in that buzzing undercurrent of curiosity, playfulness, and intellect that Gemini can bring with it. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is what gives the energy its communication focused, quick and witty intellect, and far reaching broadcast of information.

The Sun and New Moon are also in aspect to the South Node (trine) and (square) Saturn in Pisces…to me this gives a bit of a “work hard, play hard” kinda vibe. Saturn is Pisces asks where you can bring structure, planning, and a more assembly line style to your work and dreams? The trine aspect to the South Node in Libra is a more intellectual connection to this work and this dream, with the Sun and Moon supporting this in Gemini.

I could also see some ease, or space to open, or some luck around a hard conversation that will transform a relationship that could come up this week…Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius is in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter, who are conjunct, in Gemini…I dont think this conversation will be fun, but you will have a new perspective to view it from and it will be the start to a new chapter.

Feel into what is coming up this week and around this New Moon, Gemini can get very caught in its head, overthinking and analyzing all that comes through its ears…so feel, drop into your body and then let your mind flow. Journal, write, create, play, dance, talk with others and meet new parts of your community, these are all lovely ways to invoke Gemini energy.

Plant the seeds of intention with your inner child on this New Moon, so that you may harvest them with your highest self later on, most likely around the Gemini Full Moon that will land in December. Full Moons are always in the polarity sign of whatever sign the Sun is currently in. Gemini is the polarity of Sagittarius, so I know there is always a Gemini Full Moon during Sag season…

Happy New Moon, happy Venus-Sun Cazimi, happy Gemini planet parade!

Much love,


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