Libra Full Moon Partial Eclipse

Libra Full Moon Partial Eclipse

 3.35.24 In the VERY early morning...

" you're like a matryoshka doll of caterpillar/butterflies: you just keep exploding from one chrysalis to the other, one evolution to the next, growing, healing, blooming, kabooming, and fluttering all around" - Heather Buchanan (Horror Scoops) 

This Libra Full Moon partial eclipse is the invitation to take a leap towards your self and your true, authentic needs, all while in a relationship, this relationship may be with just yourself...or it may be with a business partner, a caregiver, a family member or life partner. Its like Libra is able to see through the Aries lens with this Full Moon. 

Letting the part of you that must be of service to something to look in the mirror and see it self, clearly with no bullshit. To see the reality of yourself (Aries) and to have compassion and grace around the parts we do not love (Libra). 

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and relationship, but with Venus is Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces there is a more sturdy and significant undercurrent to how we may be choosing our partnerships, or how we would like to move forward with someone by our side, also moving forward. 

With both the Sun and Moon in the early degrees of each energy, illuminating each-other around 5 degrees, to me says that this is really clear exploration of both of the energies. I have read in a few places in Astrology that the first 10 degrees of an energy is the clearest representation of that energy and has an urge to move forward. 

When we have a Full Moon, the Sun is always opposite the Moon in the chart. Same with Natal charts, it is the very first placement I look at personally, just to see what Moon phase you were born under gives huge insights. I was born on the Virgo Full Moon in February of 1989, with my Sun at 4 degrees 2 minutes of Pisces, and my Moon at 4 degrees 52 minutes of Virgo, it was basically at its peak which gives insight into my mildly intense nature :) 

This Libra Full Moon is also opposite the South Node, Chiron, and Mercury all conjunct in Aries, which if you ask me is like a cocktail of reclaiming your past, healing your spirit and being able to finally communicate your self in this more embodied version of Self. Like Heather said "one evolution to the next, growing, healing, blooming, kabooming, and fluttering all around." 

Let your heart flutter into your next embodied step forward. 

With the Sun at 5 degrees Aries, and the ruling planet of Aries, Mars, just entering the Pisces party, it feels like a plunge into your most activated dreams. And with Jupiter in Taurus sextile to Venus and Saturn in Pisces, there is luck where we can ground down and really act ourselves out in our reality. True embodiment. "We create our reality but we do not control it." - unknown energy master

This polarity of the Aries/Libra axis is the rebalancing of self with other, of self with Spirit, of self with space, of self with Self. I think this balancing quality can come into play in all areas and aspects of life. Maybe you are weighing the polarity of risk and safety, or worry and trust, or maybe it is coming up for you around personal passion versus being of service. 

I think around this time there could also be a lot coming up around what lengths you are willing to go to maintain harmony externally. Libra is very aware of the vibe in the room, the needs of the group and the best way to move forward with compassion and reciprocity. Aries just likes movement, and it is mostly only aware of itself in any given situation.  So to me this is maybe saying it is time to release something that you are unsure of. 

Not to say there isn't choice here, but this choice must be made with the passion, ambition, drive and courage that Aries tends to dance with, not the overthinking, worry and detachment that Libra can stir up in itself. 

"Eclipse pairs are pathways of realignment through polarity. I see them as an energetic detox or spinal adjustment." Kerry, Magic of I

You know what you need. You know what you want. 

You have the support of Mercury in Aries (in its pre-retrograde shadow) on the Full Moon, so use and choose your words or expression carefully and with compassion, Aries can burn people when it is not slowing down enough to assess, it assumes. We all know where assuming gets us...

I also want to personally mention that eclipse season is nothing to fear. What we resist we become. Choose your information wisely and from sources who you can feel you trust, there is no good or bad in Astrology so anytime you hear or read something that is conjuring fear, loss, scarcity, lack or judgement in your system, it isn't for you. Your energy will never overwhelm you, make you feels shame or judgement and you will always have the capacity to carry what is yours to hold and heal. 

"Carl Jung teaches us that life is born from the spark of opposites. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra helps us balance these opposites, allowing us to experience a fuller, more vibrant life." Colin Bedell 

I am currently having a really hard time in my personal life balancing my need for self expression and advocating for myself while maintaining empathy and understanding for my close how do we decide who is more important moment to moment when we both need each others support...? I think it that we are both equally important, it is just that I was never shown how to use and advocate for my needs when I was a child, I was quiet and observant and really liked to help other people, before myself. How do I transform the guilt and shame I feel when stating a need or asking for support when I know the other is also in need and wanting of support? 

Well I am don't have much of an option any more as I am about to have Pluto transit my Mercury in Aquarius, which also means it will be opposite my 3rd house which for me is Leo, which generally rules self expression...

My IFS therapist is always asking "what about this makes sense for you?" and honestly, when I can have the space and clarity to reflect, there isn't much going on for me that DOESNT make sense...and not in like a super fun, expansive way, more in the, like, being dragged through your own personal mess kinda makes sense because I have Libra in my 4th, but primarily my 5th house. My moon and South Node are also in my 4th House which is mostly in Virgo, but theres about 10 degrees of it in Libra...

4th house : home, roots, emotions, foundations, family, self care, the mother, children, women and femininity. It is ruled by Cancer, who is ruled by the Moon. 

5th house : romance, play, creativity, love, self expression, joy, child like spirit and drama. It is ruled by Leo, who is ruled by the Sun. 

This placement for me is adding layers of interpretation, with the Full Moon in my 4th/5th house of course I am having an emotional call and response, the Moon rules all of our emotional landscape and how we let ourselves feel. It also means that with my Natal Moon at 26 degrees Virgo, this Full Moon is just within the orb of 10 degrees, making them conjunct or dancing together. Even more layers right there. 

With the Sun at 5 degrees Aries, this places it opposite my Natal Moon in Virgo, shinning light on all the ways I do not show up for myself as my own warrior, goddess or protector. It is bluntly pointing to the ways in which I let others take advantage of my observant and deeply feeling insides, and not by their intention, but simply by me not advocating or standing in my needs, desires and dreams in the face of another. 

What I am trying to say is that shit can be hard, but for me Astrology is a way to interpret things with and maybe to shine a new light on them. Again, it is not to create fear or worry or to be predictive at all, I just hope to give a little insight to the over arching energy that is around us all. I will also note that regardless of where your placements are in your Natal chart, everyone has every energy in their system, it is just where we have a planet or placement that it is acting out more strongly. 

So you have Libra and Aries somewhere in your chart, being activated, so just move slow with this one, It is the first of the eclipses for this year, and the Astrological New Year was last week with the entrance into Aries slow and steady, take rest when you can, and lean into your resources both tangible and energetic. 

oooooookay my honey bees, we got this! See you on the other side,

much love




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