Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius


Today, the skies are graced with not only a Full Moon in Sagittarius, but we have Venus and Jupiter rubbing noses in Taurus conjunct - sitting next to - this Full Moon, enhancing the potential for some very positive outcomes and aspects, but it is dependent on your reality, the story you tell yourself about yourself and your life…are you the narrator or the character? Is life happening to you, or for you…?

This positivity, this joy, this abundance and this new electrifying connection to life is always there isn’t it…?

It is just how we see it, how we feel about it, what we think about it, how we perceive it and how our past has shaped what our current reality feels like. This story line that we drag with us like an outgrown shell, unwilling to accept where we are in the growth and expansion, or in the avoidance and lack of awareness that maybe got us here in the first place, this shell has become the prison.

The walls of this prison formed through fear, lack of trust in self, unworthiness, society gifting you a narrative that you didn’t ask for and do not know how to change, and unprocessed pain that has kept you trapped in survival mode since childhood. This is a prison of your own unintentional making, but all the more reason to turn the lights on and take a tour of the palace of internal security that you have crafted to protect yourself from life. It is both a safe space, and where you will be trapped. It is both.

Gemini knowns this through and through. Here to heal the duality in us all, to sew and repair the seem of uniqueness and authenticity, to let the Divinity in each soul on this Earth shine through the cracks of their own containment.

Gemini is a mutable (flexible, changeable) air sign, carrying its information through the airways, both physical and etheric. It is said that one of the Twins of Gemini lives on Earth and one lives in the Cosmos, a direct line to our own cosmic intuition and guidance from a deeper place of knowing, one the Universe gave us at birth.

Sagittarius knows that optimism and truth will take you further than anything, but you must trust in what is presenting for you and move with it, not against. For both Sag and Gemini, this trust needs to bubble up from a place of connection to soul and something outside of ourselves that is supportive, and can see us clearly, and in turn lets us see each other and ourselves with more clarity.

Sagittarius seeks the truth, not the reality, but the truth of the story, the situation, the person, the self. We create our reality but we do not control it, Sagittarius dances and flows with this as it seeks the truth.

Flow is very important to Sag, being a mutable (changeable, malleable) fire sign, and with its ruler being Jupiter, the flow is only going to be blocked by skepticism, lack mentality, scarcity, fear and avoidance of the truth we are living.

“what is the truthiest truth of this story?” Glennon Doyle

For Sagittarius true knowledge and higher education is found in books yes, but it is also in the experience we have around seeking, exploring, reading, communicating, trusting and exploring the pathway to the education. Sagittarius trusts that the deepest learning is on the road to the destination, not in reaching the destination.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable, flexible, changeable…but they also need to have BOTH faith and fact, intuition and information, trust and aligned action…it is both. As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect the dots backwards - that is our information, and how we move forward is in our trust, optimism, and authenticity to self.

Jupiter is in the last degrees of Taurus, kissing Venus in Taurus as it departs for Gemini later today, the 23rd. This is a beautifully kind conjunction that is very supportive of this Full Moon, as we also have the Sun in trine (easeful aspect) to Pluto Rx in Aquarius, which is asking us to transform our relationship to humanity, the collective, our visions for the future and how we relate to the World.

With Jupiter at 29 degrees Taurus, Neptune at 29 degrees Pisces it feels like big shifts are landing, the keystone is being set in the archway. It is a culminating of energies that we have been working with for over a year. We also have Venus moving into Gemini today, giving a soft landing to these fulfilling energies.

Pluto in trine to the Sun, Jupiter and Venus is inviting us to explore what is behind the scenes of our internal show. I think its interesting that the movie Inside Out 2 is coming out really soon, such a beautiful, playful and gentle way to view our inner workings and parts that create the show that we put on externally.

Pluto knows that what is in the way, is the way. It is here to alchemize, transform, recreate from the ashes and to burn the bridges that have burned us.

I am feeling that this Full Moon is here to check in on where you have created a storyline or narrative, most likely unintentionally, that is controlling more of your thoughts, neural pathways and feelings than you could ever know.

Are you the observer of your own thoughts? Are you the narrator, or are you a character in the story?

There is still an undercurrent of electric change, rapid movement, quick decisions, or something really shaking itself into place…this is due to Uranus within conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and is just lightly touching the Sun, creating an electrification to the culmination of whatever you have been working through in life.

Uranus is also the planet of innovation, and with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, storytelling and joy, feeding it we have the opportunity to create from a place of true expansion and of our own uniqueness. A true expression of self, from a place of joy, passion, abundance, trust, and knowing.

I feel like the Sun in Gemini is here to remind us that you can think, feel, enjoy, dislike, play and be two things at once. It can be both. You can hold both. It wont be for everything, but it can be for what is right for you.

Write your story. Dream your life. Seek what lights you up. Be the observer.

Create your reality in the most wondrous and amazing way you can possibly dream of…not to worry, Saturn in Pisces is still there holding the structure softly, waiting in the wings to be of service to the desire.

Placements that will feel this shift the most will be the Mutable signs - Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, but also Taurus will feel an ending or culminating of energy - we will all be working with the energies of today, but these placements will have a direct aspect or transit…

I think if anything this Full Moon in Sagittarius is revolving around seeking your truth for your reality, where that intersects the greater collective and your relationships, and the choice we have in how we interact and also react, so that we can speak, share, learn and create from a place that feels safe and real for us, and only us.

Maybe from there we can actually coexist…

Happy Full Moon! Much Love!


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