Capricorn New Moon 1.11.24

Capricorn New Moon 1.11.24

 Capricorn New Moon 1.11.24

the vibe : is how you do "you" really yours? If it is, does it still work? 


On this New Moon we have the Sun in Capricorn, sandwiched between the Moon in Cap and Pluto taking its last, slow strides through Capricorn.  If I were to look just at this I would give the guidance of reflecting on the patterns and habits that drive your daily life, the things that keep you "going" or keep you grounded, and all that is in between needs a good wash cycle. 

To look over these things that we just show up for, the coffee first thing, the mediation we do at the same time each day, the way we feed the dog in the morning, or how you make your bed and get ready to leave the house for the day. Or maybe it is how you engage in conflict, how you resource and replenish yourself after, anything we just "do". 

Potentially raking through the depths of our psyche to pull up the next layer deeper (Pluto vibes), I feel like 2023 was such a beautiful year for folks to be finding themselves, to be using their authentic voice and calling in what they desire (oh hi, its me!), and now as we move into 2024 there is going to be a push towards interdependence, towards separateness actually creating connection and depth in a relationship, with self and other. 

This New Moon in Capricorn is a beautiful time, post Mercury Rx, to reeeeeally dip deep into the depths of your Self, to bring your Self into current reality. 

I practice Internal Family Systems therapy weekly, and I recently had an updating session where I was able to connect with my Parts and let them see me as I am in current times. I am almost 35, in that session they had revealed that they thought we were 22. This is huge growth for me though, when I began IFS therapy over a year ago, most of my Parts thought we were 8...Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who we Astrologers like to refer to as Father Time. Saturn sets boundaries, it brushes its teeth three times a day, it always makes the bed and goes to bed on time, it is the back bone and structure that lets us be creative, playful, explorative and honestly, have fun. Thats why the polar opposite, or its medicine, is found in the energy of Cancer, who is nurturing, deeply creative and highly sensitive. 

I give my therapy example in an effort to share that it is time to come current with your SELF. It is time to put a few old stories to rest, but like buried and dead to rest. It's a great time to set a new tone for yourself, one that is based in reflection, expansion, and finally being able to ground into your Self. To not need the comfort or care of another. To fully master your Self. 

It is time for you to truly, deeply, intimately, kindly, and whole heartedly SEE YOURSELF. Come to terms with your personal reality. 

"We create our reality, but we do not control it" let that marinate. I have been. 

Saturn in Pisces has been here, supporting this vibe, since early March of 2023. Saturn in Pisces asks how and in what way are you truly responsible to yourself? Saturn in Pisces asks how do you personally pull yourself out of your own victimhood and create a structure that supports you, no one else. 

The Sun (life force), Moon (internal Self) and Pluto (death, rebirth, transformation) are a delightful mix to support all of us in this exploration. Use this energy to clarify any tension or friction around your purpose, or life goal, or life path. This New Moon, along with Pluto, are all square to the Nodes of the Moon. 

The Nodes of the Moon represent your purpose in this life time, and an energy you have mastered in a past lifetime. 

I say this because you may have things come up around this New Moon that are very old, outdated patterns that you may have thought you had healed, transformed, moved on from or changed. Breath. Feel into your body, what is truly needed and move from that space. If anything, sometimes just to recognize the pattern can bring so much grace and transformation, so start there. 

See it, name it, claim it, and let it go. 

Aiding in this whole Sun/Moon/Pluto square the Nodes, we also have Mars, who has just entered Capricorn, hanging around and lending a grounded, practical, logical and driven energy to this New Moon. 

There is also a touch of, dare I say it, joy around this change and growth and transformation, like I'm not pulling my teeth out trying to imbue a new pattern into my system. I am actually, like, making it fun and kinda having fun with it...I do have Jupiter in Taurus in my Natal Chart so maybe I am just attuned to it, but I think we can all access the energies available, especially when an Outer Planet is involved. 

Every human on this planet contains every energy, its is just where the Planets land in your Natal Chart that determines how stronly you have to work with that energy. I am talking to you, you who thinks Gemini energy is two faced and flakey, YOU have that energy somewhere in your system, so chill. 

This slight touch of joy is due to Mars in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus. When I visualize Jupiter in Taurus I see a blooming poppy plant, how they intentionally, slowly and steadily blossom and burst open, revealing the most joyful, delicate but bold petals, almost translucent in the Sun, but shimmering. Jupiter in Taurus is slow, steady, and intentional expansion towards the most joyful version. 

With Jupiter in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn, its like when you are learning to ride a bike, your parent is still pushing you along holding the seat, or maybe even holding your back (literally) but then there is that moment when they let go BEFORE telling you they have let go. That moment when you realize they are not holding you and you are going on your OWN, that is energy of Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus dancing with this New Moon. 

YOU GOT THIS. In your own way, on your time and in the way that feels and fits best for your system and your structure, and this is built through experience and emotion. 

This is a truly lovely way to begin the year. Work with your intentions, but maybe try to zoom out and really see how these intentions work with the flow of your life, and if it's not flowing where you want, what actions do you need to take to create a flow in the direction that feels aligned? 

Anyone with Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries energies are going to feel this lunation more deeply, and if any of those placements are around the 20 degree mark of that energy, you may feel the spotlight on you, yourself and I. Just trust in that whatever comes up, was meant to be worked with. Pluto doesn't waste time and it is clear, trust in that. 





so much love,


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