Capricorn Full Moon 6.21.24

Capricorn Full Moon 6.21.24

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I am not at all surprised that F. Scott Fitzgerald was a Libra, born on 9/24, so he has a flavoring of the discernment that comes with Virgo energy, but also a sense of balance through transformation, also being born close to the fall equinox. The changing of seasons. The cardinal air energy of Libra leading us into the next season. A day of balanced light and dark.

With this Cancer season, and the two Capricorn Full Moons it contains, I feel like this is a balancing point as well. The Cancer New Moon falls on July 5th, the center point, and the height of the season, both physically and energetically. The start of summer for a lot of us.

Cancer is the ocean. The Mother. The rising and falling within us all. Cancer is the creativity you shove down deeper, but it still rises, day in and day out. It is the song that calls us home, it is the home we create. It is creation.

Capricorn is the master. The builder. It is skillful. It is the drive that says we can try again, until we succeed. Capricorn is the ambition to learn, and then to use that skill to do. Capricorn is the structure that lets the creation of Cancer grow.

This is a Full Moon, so the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky, being fully illuminated. I like to think it is the fullest expression of whatever sign both the Sun, and Moon are in at the time of a full moon. We get to see the emotional expression from the Moon, and the embodied expression from the Sun.

The Full and New Moons also coorilate to their counterpart, meaning this Capricorn Full Moon during Cancer Season has a tie to the Cancer Full Moon during Capricorn season which was December 26th, 2023. I like to think of it as container, and if you have strong placements within the energy that is being worked with, then you should work with it too.

I have a Capricorn stellium (three or more planets in one energy, amplifying each-other) so I have a lot coming up this week has correlates to what I was going through, working on, or becoming aware of back in December 2023. Holy fuck is that real ya’ll, like wow, it really makes me FEEL the meme I saw recently that said “just because you dont believe in astrology doesn’t mean it isnt happening” funny not funny Universe :) moving along tho…

On this Full Moon we have Venus conjunct (right next to, within 10 degrees) the Sun, both newly in Cancer, adding a bubble bath kinda vibe to the Solstice and Full Moon. Venus in Cancer is affectionate, compassionate, clarifying and creatively expressive. This is a nice soft landing for the Sun to make as it enters Cancer, it would be like someone handing you a towel fresh outta the dryer after a nice long shower.

There is also an aspect that I havnt’t seen in a while on a Full Moon, and that is an outer plant square (less easeful, 90 degrees apart) to both the Sun and Moon. This time it is Neptune, just taking its time through the last degree of Pisces. Neptune is known for dissolving things, boundaries, lines, futures, ideals, or patterns. I feel like with this first Capricorn Full Moon we are trying to dissolve and blend the lines that separate the soul from its desires, the heart and what it knows to be true, and we are building the stable shore line that meets the foothills of the mountains.

Neptune is here to dissolve the boundaries between head and heart. Mind and mystery. Known and unknown.

With its sextile (easeful aspect, 60 degrees apart) to Pluto Rx in Aquarius, Neptune gains support in transformation, creation and innovation from both the planet and the energy it is moving through. This is also some of the last support and magic that Neptune will dole out as it inches towards Aries from Pisces, currently at 29 degrees 54 minutes of Pisces, where it will stay until going Retrograde in the fall.

Today, Thursday June 20th is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the mid point of summer, when the Earth’s tilt toward the Sun is at its greatest.

Unless you live in Montana and it snowed literally two days ago…But with the Solstice it is always fun (for an astrologer at least) to look at the other planets and placements in comparison to the Sun.

Today we have Venus and Mercury in conjunction, so within 10 degrees, of the Sun, all in Cancer. When planets are this close to the Sun, it is also known as combustion. There are kinda two view points on this from astrology : one is that when any planet is this close to the Sun it is actually less powerful in its own energies and is consumed by the energy of the Sun. The other view point is that when planets are this close to the Sun, or in combustion that they are actually powered up by the energy of the Sun and given amplification of their own energies.

I think whichever way you wanna look at it, it is still the Sun imbuing its energy with or onto another energy, and from my perspective and the message I get when I feel into this paradox, is that the Sun is amplifying and energizing the energy of the plant close to it. I like to think of the expansion, the warmth and the energetics that the Sun can share and give away freely.

But thats me, a Pisces Sun.

I am very curious to see what comes up, what falls away and what is presented between the two Capricorn Full Moons this Cancer season. I have a feeling this first one will be the clarifying, the coming into present times with the self and others, and the real and organic end to a cycle or pattern that you have been working with or through. I think the Cancer New Moon on July 5th will be the rest and recharge that we need to keep going, to keep living in the new pattern or change we have created this week. I am getting feast after the longest, hardest day of your life kinda vibes, so eat up honey’s!

When the second Capricorn Full Moon rolls through at the end of July, we will be ready to utilize, innovate and create from this new foundation that we have built in this container that is Cancer season. It will prepare us all for the passion, the performance, and the prowess that Leo season brings with it.

I think the best thing to do with any Cancer season is to whole heartedly embrace yourself. The ocean doesn’t judge the size of its waves, or the way they crash on the shoreline. The ocean doesn’t criticize the sea life it contains, it supports and sleeps in reciprocity. The ocean rises and falls, rises and falls. It can be calm or it can rage. It can be clear, warm and inviting or it can be dark, stormy and wrathful.

But it just is. In all of its forms. In all of its seasons, changes, and storms.

Let the Capricorn energy at the beginning and the end of this season create a structure for you to be free within. Remember its summer baby! lay in the grass! soak up the sun! go for a sunset walk! dip in the creek! PLAY.

You will hear from me again around July 5th, for the Cancer New Moon and all she has to give us :) till then, stay gold

much love, Lo

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