Cancer Full Moon 12.26.23

Cancer Full Moon 12.26.23

Cancer Full Moon 12.26.23

I know this last Full Moon of the year is usually referred to as the "Cold Moon" but I think for this one in particular, with all of the Earth and Water energy involved, I am going to call it the Clay Moon. This is also fitting with the amount of fire involved. We are working with lots of Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Taurus involved. The Clay Moon! Earth, Water, Fire. 

Mercury retrograde (back) into Sagittarius conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, both in trine to the North Node in Aries and square to Neptune in Pisces. Slow your roll and reflect on where you place your power within how you communicate your purpose in this life, within your self and the collective. 

Even more fitting for the Full Moon of Capricorn Season being, in my opinion the sign that would most closely represent the ceramic artist or potter. Working with clay takes patience, great skill, strong hands and a responsibility to the legacy that is made of clay. To truly dance with clay, whatever form you are desiring, you must put in your time to master the steps, very Capricorn.  

I love my Capricorn Stellium (3 or more placements in one energy) I have Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all (conjunct) holding hands together in Capricorn in my 7th house. I also have Chiron in Cancer, in my 1st house. So for me this means I will have the Sun transiting my Capricorn stellium, and the Moon transiting my 1st house and Chiron...when working towards a goal, dream or new structure for my system, am I willing to move from my thinking brain into my feeling heart to accomplish my dream? 

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is an interesting one to me for sure, I have the Pisces/Virgo axis really strong in my personal chart, but this Cap/Cancer carries a similar vibe to it in my eyes...its the axis of balancing the head and the heart, the perfection and the creativity, the service to self or to others, the water and the earth. 

Capricorn, the sea goat, a mountain goat with a fish tail who is able to climb mountains and swim in the sea. 

Cancer is the crab, seamlessly moving between realms of land, ocean, land. 

These two energies both dance with the Earth and the water of the Earth, they learn to work with both to their advantage, mastering this skill. 

Capricorn with its desire for structure, to work with great skill, to build towards its goals with consistency and grace. Cancer has already built its home, bringing in the creativity, the compassion, the nurturing and the protection that we all desire from this life. 

" One of the theories of how Capricorn's fish tail developed traces to the Greek story of the fertility deity Pan : As he plunged in to the sea to escape the monster Typhon, he became part goat and part fish. " Stephane Aubin 2009 

The two, when in opposition, create a fork in the road, a moment of authentic choice, to move towards a goal or dream with logic, structure, and a plan in hand (Capricorn) . Or to think about all of those things and then to let them drift down and be held in your heart space, to be loved into being, to be felt in the world and to move forward from that place of authenticity to you passion (Cancer). 

With Mars (drive, passion, desire), Mercury Rx (reflection, communication, speed) keeping a flame burning for the Sun as it enters Capricorn. Lighting the way for Venus in Scorpio to reveal the deepest desires that we have pushed into our shadow for fear of maybe, actually letting ourselves get what we want, could show up in business, personal relationships, friend groups, or greater community. 

Things are being brought to the light to be felt and healed. This is in part being brought to light by Saturn in Pisces square to Venus in Scorpio, how much are you truly willing to surrender to the Universe (trust) in order for you get what you deeply desire? 

We get to end this year with the Moon in its home sign, Cancer. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes sense since the Moon literally controls the oceans and her wild. Watch your own tides, let them rise and fall just as the ocean does, respond once the sea has calmed and just know that this Full Moon carries some very potent, personal and powerful emotional energy with it. 

If you have any placements in Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) you will feel these energies much more fully. 

b r e a t h. ground. come back to your self. go for a walk. clear your space. 

This Full Moon has lots tied up in it, and in many layers, and let's just throw Christmas in the mix for fun too, why not?!?! Remember, the Moon is in her home sign which amplifies the energy AND it's a Full Moon, which also amplifies the energy around us.  Cancer in its most wonderful form can change any vibe in a room, it can lighten the mood, and bring in the comfort and creativity to bring anyone together. Remember this as you get close with family. 

" Astrologist Liz Greene suggests that Cancer symbolizes 'that aspects of the psyche which contains and supports life...the mother, who is our physical container during pregnancy, and our psychic container during childhood' " Evgeniya Golik Shelter 

b r e a t h. ground. come back to your self. go for a walk. clear your space. come home to yourself. 

The Full Moon is generally a good time to release, reflect and reassess our intentions from the prior New Moon. With Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius sitting right next to the Sun in Capricorn, and both trine Saturn in Pisces, to me this is asking for a revised, revamped and reignited path towards purpose. It's helping us to relax into our dreams, to give them structure so that we may fully trust in what they will bring into form.  

Ground into the energy of Capricorn. Create with the energy of Cancer. 
Capricorn is the container for Cancer to create within, work your magic. 
"like the ocean, some days you'll move slowly and softly, while other days you'll feel the need to roar and crash, both are beautiful." Jill Winterstien 

Thanks for being here,

Much love,








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