Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 4.8.24

Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 4.8.24

19 Degrees...

Isn’t it wild that you can ride the same roller coaster with someone right next you, yet you will experience this ride differently? Your experience of something, someone, some place, some situation, some conversation or information that you receive is unique to you and how your brain processes this…prior to my therapy journey, this was a pretty wild idea to marinate on.

Like, yes there are things that people feel the same about, and I believe in a collective consciousness, but I am super curious about where things start to separate…where in the process, in the experience, in the being, does one move from me, to we, back to me…and then there is the me within us.

Where in life does one find its center, and how do you know it is yours? I think part of this problem is this thinking, and maybe thinking is the real problem here, but lets go with this thread for a minute…I think part of this problem of a lack of Self, or individuality or interdependence is that we have been force fed the thought that every human has one center, one place within themselves that is constant that they can return too again and again. AND that that place within, is the SAME place.

I would like to play with this over this Eclipse season, what if there is one place within that is our safe space, our own sanctuary within ourselves, our center. But what if this center changed, evolved, expanded and grew with us, versus thinking it is automatic that it would update as you grew as a human…and again, I am pretty sure this might just be me marinating on this, and I am sure there is science and therapy and studies and really smart humans that have proved insight to back this up, or destroy it…I am just saying this is what is coming up for me.

If I were to ask my IFS therapist I know she would tell me that this center, is the Self within the Parts. But my Virgo Moon must know more, gain insight and experience this for itself, and lets be honest, Virgo isnt known for its blind trust in anything haha.

Where do you draw the line between yourself an a partner, spouse, parent, sibling, child? How do you know when it is time to put yourself first, or do what is best for the greater good of the moment? When is the time and space to assert your needs over someone else’s? And how do you authentically reconcile your experience when it is not that of the people surrounding you?

For me it feels like this New Moon, with Chiron and the North Node involved, in the sign of Aries is here to test the work I have done, both above and below, within and without. But, as my energy work teacher says “your work will work you” and “whats in the way, is the way” woweee is she correct.

I recently had my Mercury return, just a few weeks before it went retrograde this past week. Helping me declutter, revise and create clarity around my mind, my words, my thought patterns, my mindfulness, my communication and also how I like to honor and commune with the Cosmos. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, I have Gemini Rising and a Virgo Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius…all this to say that I am very much in my head a lot of the time, and can be quite the Mercurial creature.

This New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries feels like a sauna after a cold plunge. We have just moved through all of the depths of Pisces, Neptune, Saturn and Mars still in the deep end. The Sun, North Node, Chiron, the Moon and Mercury all in Aries, all very close knit together. Pluto chilling, making its way through Aquarius. Jupiter and Uranus getting closer and closer together in Taurus, but no other placements.

Let’s get to know some of these placements a little better…

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, his story begins in as a Centaur in Greek mythology, he is the son of the Titan Cronos and the Sea Nymph Philyra, he lived at the base of Mount Pelion and was known for being wise, kind hearted and good with medicine, unlike the other centaurs who were more savage, wild, lusty and controlling. He was said to be raised by Apollo, who shared with him the healing properties of herbs, plants, and the Earth, he is later credited with the discovery of botany and pharmacy.

Chiron was mistakenly shot with a poisonous arrow by Heracles, while he was unable to heal himself, he gave up his immortality in exchange for his soul to live among the stars. His half brother Zeus took pity on him and placed him in the constellation Centaurus, which lies between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow likes to refer to Chiron as the Rainbow Bridge between the task master of time and structure, Saturn and the revolutionary, freedom seeking, electrifying Uranus.

The North Node of the Moon, said to be a pathway to our destiny, the energy our Soul is seeking to master in this life time, or like the spark of light at the end of a tunnel, leading us to our authenticity. However you want to frame this placement, it is not one to be ignored or dismissed. It’s like that night light that always turns on, no matter what, whenever you come around.

The Sun, the Moon, and Chiron are all meeting in the sky at 19 degrees Aries. The North Node is right there though, at 15 degrees Aries, and this isnt the end of the Aries parade, we also have Venus jus entering the room at 4 degrees Aries and Mercury Retrograde just holding space at 24 degrees Aries. There are 30 degrees of the Zodiac for each sign, so this feels like a full house of Aries!

Like a cool rain after the first scorching summer day, we have quite a few folks hanging in Pisces still, including Uranus, Saturn and Mars. Saturn and Mars in Pisces as conjunct, holding hands and creating a measured, intentional salve to clam the Aries need for speed, heat and movement. Take rest when you can, listen to your body and what it needs with New Moon and the days afterwards. April has a lot going on…

This New Moon is inviting you to activate your warrior self, to fully embrace your innate individuality and unique energy in this world. Model your independence to yourself. Embrace your authenticity to yourself. Channel any anger that rises up into a creative expression of self.

Let your self flow, heal, dance, create, play, cry, move, be moved, sing, crumble, rise up, lay down, hold tight and let go. Free yourself from your past, release yourself from the future and illuminate the present moment you are in.

I know this was a bit of a kitchen sink, or maybe a touch out of order, but I am feeling this New Moon (as a Full Moon baby this is pretty normal anyway) and allthat is is inviting and carrying and releasing, so if you are in the same boat please take care. Rest as an activity, sleep as a sport, calm as a salve. This week after this Eclipse is also carrying some weight, so move intentionally and give yourself grace.

We got this, each individually as a collective :)

much love,






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