Aquarius New Moon 2.9.24

Aquarius New Moon 2.9.24

"As you navigate  the more romantic side Aquarius season, be sure to keep balance in mind. Balance encourages peace over drama and intimacy over isolation, so look for ways that you can compromise with others. By seeking to understand, rather than to be understood, you can find new harmony within your personal relationships. " Nadine Jane 

This feels so fitting for this New Moon in Aquarius, with the South Node in Libra making some moves to the rest of the planets and placements, and Libra being the harmonizer, the balanced scales, and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, reciprocation, art, and natural beauty.  

The South Node represents an energy and area that the soul has mastered and completed, a place to move forward from. 

New Moons represent new beginnings, and seeds of change we wish to plant for the future, very Aquarius, who is known to be the visionary and illuminates injustice and lack of evolution. 

Plant the seeds of the world you wish to live and thrive in; How does it feel, what does it smell like, how do people move and communicate, what is your role, what does the breeze smell like, how do we move through the climate of this future, better than now world? 

It is feeling like an invitation to lean into what intimacy feels like for you, and how you may or may not create peace within your life that could allow access to more of yourself, a more intimate relationship to your inner landscape and where it intersects with the collective. 


Now, back to the South Node in Libra, who is : 

Trine (harmonious, shows innate talent) to the Sun (vital life force) and Moon (emotional landscape, reciprocity, feelings) in Aquarius, in my eyes this is a supportive, kind and soft hearted hand helping usher in what could potentially be a shocking, or disruptive change to our personal status, self concept, relationship to community, or broader place in the world. This may bring up past selves that you have healed, places you have lived and left your energy, or communities that you belong to. 

This being the first New Moon with Pluto in a new energy, and in Aquarius non the less...Pluto adds a layer of personal transformation, alchemy and ego death that is unique to the outer most planet. I always picture the Phoenix rising when I think of Pluto, growth or rebirth through a death. 

Pluto is also conjunct (next to each-other, mutually amplifying that energy) Mercury in Aquarius, which tends to be an idealistic, open minded, intellectual, unconventional and eccentric flavor to the energy of Mercury who rules communication, thinking, adaptability, mentality, and reasoning. 

Inconjunct (friction) to Uranus (disruption, electrification, sudden change) in Taurus (Earth sign, stability, wisdom, enchantment) in my opinion this is inviting in the connection between parts/areas of life that do not tend to over lap or communicate well with each other, maybe its the balance of work and pleasure, a relationship and your community, or it could be internal with a past memory that has new light shed on it. 

Move slowly and intentionally, your own energy will never make you feel shame, guilt or overwhelm so know that if those feelings are arising you may be carrying some energy that is not yours to hold. 

We also have Uranus making a square (friction) to the Sun and Moon in Aquarius (New Moon of the visionary, humanitarian, truth teller). Uranus likes to shake things up, spontaneity for spontaneities's sake, its the lightning bolt of change. On this New Moon it is here to help ruffle the sheets of your deepest fears, commitments, desires and dreams to make sure that you are truly aligned with your essence, your individuality and unique place in the world. 

This may sound intense, or like maybe you wanna just skip this part...but just hold on a littttttle longer because we also have Uranus trine (harmony) Venus (love, beauty, compassion, art) in Capricorn (Earth sign, structure, skill, care taking). This feels like a light hearted joke made during a time of distress or grief, giving some grace and structure to the possible sudden change or electrification of an area of life. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Venus, so there is another layer of harmony we can add to this possibly electrifying New Moon. 

I personally have Mercury in Aquarius transiting my Natal Mercury at 7 degrees Aquarius, in my (th house of higher education, spirituality, long distance travel, mind communication, ideals and literature... hence the parentheses full of descriptions and helpful hints throughout this ramble...

My Mercury return,  on a New Moon! Let the intentions flow baby! Mercury's orbit is about 88 days around the Sun, so we all have a Mercury return each year, at least once. It's an invitation to explore what works and what doesn't within communication, sharing of knowledge, processing of thoughts,  and how I may want to improve those areas. 

I teach ceramics at my studio and through an established educational center, which to me feels like it fits my Gemini Rising, who is curious, love to be close to home, is highly community focused, and loves the sharing of information with anyone who will listen, and honestly probably with those who wont, but we will try! Also with my Aquarius Mercury, Venus and Midheaven in the 9th house, I love to teach and work at a place that is not mine, so I can connect with a broader community and to make it part of my career or place in the world. 

Anyone with Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Aries or Taurus will be feeling things the most over the next few days, and even more so next week when Mercury and Mars join the Aquarius party! 

I think if anything to take from this New Moon, you can take a fresh breath, and let that lead you to the next move forward, and the next, and so on...There will be big shifts, and changes and transformations this year as Pluto makes its nest in Aquarius. Be like the breeze, let this change come in lightly, find its place with you, and keep on moving. 

" You can do it like it is a great weight on you, or you can do it like it is part of the dance" Ram Dass 

Happy New Moon aliens, welcome to the new new, might as well make it look and feel how you want it to look and feel! 



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