Virgo Full Moon Workbook


For the Virgo Full Moon Feb 27th, 2021

Our next Full Moon, Feb 27th, lands in the energy of Virgo- the sign of the Goddess. Her Full Moon  is an opportunity to tune into your divine feminine power and embrace the notion that you are enough. Virgo teaches us that we are the director of our lives and we decide what energies enter, stay, and which energies should be released. The Virgo vibration is healing and empowering, reminding us of our inherent power to manifest anything we desire.⁠

Coming in the midst of Pisces Season, this Virgo Full Moon reminds us that some boundaries are needed to direct the flow of our life. The practices in this issue of the Full Moon Workbook take you on a journey of developing your boundaries and understanding where you may need more, or less, of them in your life.⁠ The Workbook also gives guides on how to harness this powerful Feminine Moon in your life to empower you and break through any limitations between you and your visions.

You can use this workbook on the Full Moon and the days shortly after.