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Practical Magic : Tarot Reading

Practical Magic : Tarot Reading

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Get down with your witchy self! Join us around each Full Moon to explore a new magical practice, healing modality, or self-awareness tool. It will always include a new practice, and at least an hour of clay work. 

Saturday November 5th, 5:30-8pm | 16 South Tracy, Bozeman MT 

Learn to intuitively read your very OWN tarot deck with Ally Leadbetter of Wild Betty. Ally is an Herbalist and Energy Healer by trade, but also offers tarot readings and intuitive plant medicine sessions. We will spend 90 mins with Ally doing some grounding, she will lead us in a meditation and then cover the basics and origins of Tarot, we will then practice reading with each other! We will then work with Lauren on crafting a clay card altar, tarot deck box, or just something to add to your space at home. 

You can learn more about Ally and book with her HERE.

*Please note, this class is learning how to work with YOUR OWN tarot deck, so please make sure to bring whichever deck you'd like to work with. We will have a few Tarot decks in the shop to purchase if you do not own one currently, but you can also pick one up at Vargos Books or Country Bookshelf in Downtown Bozeman. 

Join us around the full moon each month to explore a new magical practice, get your hands in some clay, and ask all of your Astrology questions! 

Each month we will feature and work with a local magical purveyor (think tarot reading, candle pouring, astrology, tea ceremony, self-awareness) to bring you an evening of intention setting, altar creation, and sacred space support. 

We will spend one hour working with the guest of the month, and then an hour working with clay with Lauren, you can also bring any Astrology based questions you may have to share with Lauren during this time. 


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