Pisces Season New Moon Workbook


For Pisces Season Feb 18th- Mar 19th and the Pisces New Moon March 13th. 

While we often think of Pisces as the fish, this sign is more accurately the ocean: all-encompassing, vast, and part of everything. Pisces Season helps us reach our highest consciousness and energetic vibration by merging us with universal energy. It’s a beautiful season full of unlimited potential and power to create any life we desire. Pisces reminds us that we are the Universe and the Universe is us. Anything we want is already ours, we just need to align with it energetically.

The Pisces Workbook helps you align with her magic all season long. The workbook contains a unique perspective on the season of Pisces and this Pisces New Moon. Plus crystals, rituals, and meditations, all to align you with the energy of the Fish. There are also Moonscopes! Special Horoscopes to help understand how Pisces will affect your personal Moon sign.

The workbook then takes you on a deeper journey of the soul, giving you practical uses to utilize the energy of Pisces on her New Moon through journaling prompts and powerful intention setting exercises to further your energetic evolution. This monthly workbook aims to help you develop your most empowered and creative self in a world where you can manifest any dream you dare to dream.  

Written each month by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter