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Natal Chart Reading, Let's Hike!

Natal Chart Reading, Let's Hike!

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Intro Natal Chart Reading: Sun, Moon + Ascendant | 45-60 Min Hike 

Have Lauren read your Natal Chart, the snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. In this reading we will go over your Sun, Moon and Rising sign including what zodiac they rest in, which house they are in and how these energies work together, while enjoying all that Montana has to offer in the outdoors! 

Your Natal Chart is the exact location in the Zodiac of the Sun, Earth, and all planetary bodies including asteroids, energetic meeting points, and your North and South Node placements. A chart reading can lend to more self-awareness, shadow, self-compassion and, in my opinion, gives us the permission to fully embody the authentic human we were brought into this world to be! You will leave with a deeper understanding of the energies that have combined on your day of birth to create a foundation of an energetic being. Lauren will give you a copy of your Natal Chart, with the information discussed noted for you to reference at any time. 

This reading will be in person, and at a trail of your choice, that is within 15 miles of Downtown Bozeman. If you do not have a preference or are new to town or hiking, Lauren will choose an easily accessible trail for your session and will email directions. Lauren will email you a link to schedule your hike once purchased. 

*Lauren is a self-taught, continually practicing Astrologer, she is not certified but is a Pisces so that helps*

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