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Love Your Mug Club - December 30th

Love Your Mug Club - December 30th

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The Love Your Mug Club! December 30th 6-7:30pm (This class is being rescheduled from 12/09)

 *please note this event is non-refundable*

A monthly class for you to explore with clay, learn a new process or style of clay work & meet some new folks in your community. We will meet once a month for 90 minutes, all supplies including a cylinder for you to work on are included. You will be given the option to just go for it and create your own work from your own imagination, or have the option to follow the lesson for that evening, Boob mugs are always an option! Regardless of your design choice, Lauren will always be available and excited to assist and answer questions! 

Included in the class : 

  • one (1) wheel thrown clay cylinder 
  • as much additional clay as needed for handles, pendants, boobs, etc. 
  • all hand tools, including carving, painting and stamping
  • use of underglaze, so you can “paint” your mug if desired
  • option between 6 different glazes, combos accepted 
  • clean up of all tools, work boards, table surfaces and under glazes by Lauren 
  • Lauren will professionally finish, sand, tag, and bisque fire
  • Lauren will sand, glaze and glaze fire for you 

We are also happy to provide non alcoholic seltzer, light snacks (think cheese, meat & crackers) as well as an assortment of beer and wine for those interested or needing a little anxiety massage. This will be a fun, supported evening of working with clay and potentially learning something new.

This is ideal for someone who is open minded, likes to work with their hands, is open to meeting some new folks in their community, enjoys open creativity, and follows directions well :) 

Each month will have a theme, this theme is to help those who “are not creative” and like a little more direction, or for those who are looking to learn a specific skill or style of clay work. You are by no means tied to this theme, you are more than welcome to be free and make your own mug however you’d like! 

* this class is not refundable* but you can transfer it to someone else if life happens! Please contact Lauren directly via email : 

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