Ladies Night Reservation - 11/18/21 Boob Mug Making


Ladies Night in Downtown Bozeman 

join us at Inner Alchemy, 16 South Tracy, for an evening of boob making, cheetah painting and block printing! 

This reserves you one porcelain cylinder, pre thrown by Lauren. Ladies night will be first come first serve if not reserved prior. You will be given extra clay for boobs, a handle and anything additional you’d like to add. You will also be able to stamp, texturize and underglaze your work, Lauren will then trim, fire and glaze them for you, in time for the holidays! 


  • one porcelain cylinder of your choosing
  • additional clay, up to 1 pound for a handle, boobs, etc. 
  • all necessary tools, water, equipment 
  • trimming, firing, glazing and firing again done by Lauren 
  • light snacks, adult beverages and good vibes

If you are looking to sign up for the Cheetah Mug (Carter @bareminimumceramics) painting or the Block Printing (Aubrey @rangercollective) please contact them directly, or reach out to Inner Alchemy. Thank you! 

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