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Inner Alchemy

Sun Season : ARIES

Sun Season : ARIES

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This Sun season is in Aries, the Astrological New Year and the first sign of the zodiac. We will supply past editions of Spirit Daughter Sun and Moon workbooks, as well as other magazines and such, to use to create a vision/dream board for the season! We will supply all materials(sun + moon workbooks, magazines, glitter, canvas workboard to craft on, ect) but you are welcome to bring any of your own materials to use, I just ask that those materials might be shared with the rest of the group if need be, sharing is caring ya'll! 

Join us each month for a Sun Season-aligned class. We will explore a new craft, or clay style each season, whatever honors that season's energy best. Light snacks, NA and alcoholic beverages supplied, but please bring what you desire to have with you to keep your creative juices flowing! 

The class will be held at Inner Alchemy shop, downtown in Bozeman. There is only street parking, please plan accordingly, we will start class at 10 minutes after the start regardless. This class is non-refundable, but can be gifted or transfered. 

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