M A I K movement

Hey there, 

first off, thanks so much for taking the time to hop over here and see what I am dreaming up, I couldn’t do what I love without the support from you folks! 

That being said, I having been dreaming & scheming of an accessible way for me to share what I truly value about clay : connection. I want to share the multidimensional connection that I have with clay in order to help facilitate that for you.

Clay is how I ground & connect with the beautiful Earth we all collectively inhabit.

Clay is what my family & I eat and drink out of.

Clay is part of the earthy trails I enjoy running on.

Clay is an artistic, fun, raw, playful way for me to express myself. 

Clay is how I support myself & my family. 

Clay is how I connect to my community, my friends & family, and also how I have crated and maintain a connection to the bigger picture. Hello Universe, it’s me Lauren.

con - nec - tion noun : 1. a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. 

I build connection through movement, like throwing on the potters wheel or trail running in the mountains, the connection is through intention and physical movement. 

MAIK movement is 






What I am looking to do is to help you create a connection to yourself and those around you through a little, easy, movement (hiking, walking, yoga, running, cycling, paddle boarding, etc.) the movement will be followed by an easy & accessible meditation, followed by clay creating.

Once we have filled our lungs with fresh breath, we will have hopefully stirred up the creative energy to make something from clay that will remind you of your intention, how you felt during the movement, an uplifting thought, a mantra or what ever you would like to impart into your clay while you work with it, then use it as a reminder when things get tough, or you just need a little boost of energy. We will find a place along the trail or space we are in to leave our totem/creation, so you can always come back to the place and presence. 

MAIK movement will generally be held around the phase of the new moon, this will let us align with the moon and its renewing energy during that time. We are totally open to any time of the year, or moon phase to hold a MAIK Movement, please see the link below to inquire. Stay tuned for opportunities to join me in this evening of awareness and intention.

 Hope we can connect soon✨If this project sounds like something you might be into please feel free to contact me, or click the link below to schedule a Discovery Call and see if this is the type event you have been dreaming of!

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