r a k u

Raku fired wares. 


Raku roughly translates from Japanese to “happiness in the accident” and is a style of firing where you remove pieces of work one at a time from the raku kiln, which would be around 1600 degrees at the time, and you submerge the piece in a metal container that is full of combustible materials, once burning nicely you put a lid on the container to reduce the oxygen available to the piece. 


This is allows you to create wild metallics, crazy bursts of color and purposeful crazing. Raku is one of my all time favorite ways to fire, and is a great reason to have a party! 


The wares res on this page ARE NOT food safe. They are simply decorative, but can be used as a vase, utensil crock, or a great place to stash keepsakes, if your like me that would be rocks and crystals! But please do not eat or drink out of any raku fired wares unless clearly noted.