my door is open...

by Lauren Woods

hey guys,

Welcome to my website! Thank you so much for being interested in my work enough to track down my website and then even go as far as to read this!


Assuming we do not know each other yet, here is a lil' background for you....


I was born and raised in the lush and wonderful Green Mountain State of Vermont, to get a bit more specific for you East Coasters, I was raised in Waitsfield. I started taking ceramics in high school, and although I did not get much time on the wheel there, I fell in love with the medium. I was enrolled in painting, advanced studio art, jewelry, graphic design and advanced mixed media art but there was something so magical and transformative about clay that stole my heart. 


I continued ceramics in high school, and after graduating I (when I say "I rented" what I really mean is that my supportive, talented and truly wonderful mother Brooke rented me a space) rented some space at a local pottery studio for a little while, still loving the work. I later moved to Burlington Vermont and joined Burlington City Arts as a studio assistant in the clay studio, this lead to so much knowledge and advancement and eventually to an opportunity to assist with children's classes. 


When the chance to head west and move out to the Big Sky Country of Montana was presented I was hesitant. My then boyfriend had gotten a job in Bozeman, while I was happy as a clam working an adult job for Bennington Potters Burlington, as well as working my dream job as a studio assistant at BCA. But it felt right! We had moved around in the past few years and Montana felt like a great adventure. 


Westward it was! Once I settled in Bozeman I started to seek out the ceramics scene and which lead to The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture. Much like BCA this became a place for me to work and play, I began there as a studio monitor in the clay studio which lead to helping with summer camp and then even further into teaching! I currently teach an adult beginner/intermediate wheel throwing class, and an amazing 4-7-year-old children's class. I have been teaching at The Emerson since the winter of 2016 and could not be more grateful for the support and sense of community that they have given me. 


In August 2017 I decided to try something crazy and start my own business! Hustle & Throw is a dream I have had since waaaay back in 2007, when I first got my hands dirty and fell in love with ceramics. At that time I had no idea where it would lead me but I knew it would be an amazing ride! I currently live in Bozeman, Montana with my wonderful and creatively talented, now husband Gavin, and our 8-year-old Vizsla/Boston Terrier mix dog Brady. I am still teaching classes at The Emerson, working a full-time job, and running my own ceramics studio where I create my work, as well as supply an outlet for other ceramic artists to work and play. 


I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my site and my work. Questions?! Information?! Wanna get a lesson?! Curious about glazes?! Whatever it is please feel free to reach out to me, my door is open...